A N Y  G I R L

Created collaboratively with beneficiaries of the charity Compassion UK, this is a portrait of girls from urban and rural Kenya. At the cusp of womanhood, this group of girls are as diverse as their homeland. They shared about what it means for them to feel free, laugh, have a voice and use it, to grow, sit in a classroom and deal with the past. 

The project, marking International Day of the Girl Child began as an exploration of self-esteem. Where do you find your strength? What gives you confidence? What comes to mind when you think about your future? 

"I think if I am strong, I will have a greater future, because confidence can mean having your own job and making your own plans." 

Abigael, 16 years old, Mashuru

"I want to be a doctor. When others get sick they will need treatment and I will do this by working hard in school and focussing every day"

Valary, 13 years old, Nairobi

Working with the girls and local child development workers, the project evolved into a portrayal of the importance of education and resilience in a changing world. Many urban areas in Kenya seem to inhale development, rapid growth and progress, while the land of rural pastoralists seems to exhale a stronger sense of communal identity, holding to the fading traditions of the past. 

"My strength is running. My confidence is running. For me to have purpose means to set a goal and work hard towards achieving that goal. I have seen that if a girl is strong she can be a good role model."

Talash, 16 years old, Mashuru

"Strength enables us to choose education over marriage." 

Siyianta, 13 years old, Mashuru


“A series of extraordinary portraits that show the life-changing impact an education can make.” 

Marie Claire Magazine


Elle Magazine

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Heartfelt thanks go to Abigael, Beatrice, Carol, Esther, Mary, Talash, Rachael, Saaiyon, Siyianta and Valary.

Production support : Isaac Ogila & Caroline Nzau 

Co-Director : Ella Dickinson 

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